Towns and cities are complex and multi-layered ecosystems, each with their own distinctive cultural DNA, their way of living, urban texture, routines and social interaction.
Nowadays, what we see is that, to be sustainable, urban interventions require in-depth recognition of the unique cultural elements of a place. For over twenty years I have worked with a set of innovative and creative tools for mapping the distinctive character of places. I call this approach Cultural DNA Mapping.
With it, I have worked with visual artists, film makers, musicians, urban designers, and architects, using visioning exercises and community engagement as a base for regeneration strategies.
The projects below give a taste of how effective this method can be. This selection dates from 2010 until today (for older ones please contact me). 

Architecture and Regional Identity

Image forArchitecture and  Regional Identity

In 2020 the Swedish architects at the Form/Design Centre of the city of Malmö, put…

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Proactive Reuse of Old Buildings (Italy)

Image forProactive Reuse of Old Buildings (Italy)

In the second part of 2018 Lia Ghilardi – assisted by researcher and cultural manager…

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Revitalising Heritage Sites: Lavis (Italy)

Image forRevitalising Heritage Sites: Lavis (Italy)

In the second part of 2018 Lia Ghilardi, together with researcher and cultural manager Carlo…

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Diagnostic Visits – The Academy of Urbanism

The Academy of Urbanism is a national organisation that promotes successful towns and cities. For…

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Cultural Masterplanning with EGA Architecture

Collaboration with Swedish/French architects EGA continues. Some examples of projects that Lia Ghilardi contributed creative…

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A Cultural Plan for Floda (Sweden)

Over the past five years Lia Ghilardi has been working with local stakeholders (led by…

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Area Profiling for Funen (DK)

This project was developed with a team led by Danish place-makers Urban Goods and Lia…

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Perth Cultural Plan (UK)

Set in the heart of Scotland, Perth is a historic town with a number of…

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Cultural Masterplanning: Denmark

During 2010 the Danish ADEPT Architects and Lia Ghilardi prequalified and won stage two of…

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