The complexity of today’s urban environment is such that old solutions are not working any more.

My approach to place making based on notions of cultural DNA mapping and iterative processes of co-creation enables innovative and different perspectives and points of view to come together offering imaginative ways to tackle some of the challenges some cities face.

Over the past twenty years I have developed my unique brand of creative-thinking techniques, which I use for workshop facilitation, visioning exercises and masterclasses.

The projects below show why and how an increasing number of civic leaders, planners, arts organisations, project managers and community groups in Europe and outside have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending my approach.

This selection of projects dates from 2010 until today (for older ones please contact me).

Cultural Heritage in Action Expertise

Image forCultural Heritage in Action Expertise

For the last two years, Eurocities, in partnership with KEA, ERRIN, Europa Nostra and the…

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Image forURBACT III KAIRÓS Thematic Expert

Kairós is an URBACT Action Planning Network, which ran from 2019 to 2022, and focused…

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International Tampere

Image forInternational Tampere

Since 2020 Lia has been working with mentoring and coaching the team behind the International…

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Uncovering Cultural DNA of Place in Penela (Portugal)

Image forUncovering Cultural DNA of Place in Penela (Portugal)

In July 2019, together with academics and creative tourism specialists Nancy Duxbury and Kathleen Scherf, Lia…

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Study Visits Programme

Image forStudy Visits Programme

Study visits offer excellent opportunities to present an institution’s work, meet experts from various countries and…

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Cultural Planning Training

Image forCultural Planning Training

In her work, Lia Ghilardi offers a unique and innovative approach to cultural and urban…

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Cultural Planning Training: Tjörn

More and more municipalities of all sizes are turning to Cultural Planning as a powerful…

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Creative Brno Mentoring

Starting in 2015 Lia Ghilardi was asked to join the Creative Industries Manager in the…

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Mapping Techniques Training (Czech Republic)

The Czech Republic is forging ahead with culture-led development. During 2010 the cities of Brno…

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