Area Profiling for Funen (DK)

Project Type: Local DNA Mapping

This project was developed with a team led by Danish place-makers Urban Goods and Lia Ghilardi. Together they won a competition to deliver a six-month-long cultural, social, urban and economic profiling of four different areas of the Fåborg-Midtfyns municipality on the island of Funen. The island (the second largest in Denmark) has lost 1,000 residents over the past five years and about 2,700 jobs in the past three. This is why the local stakeholders commissioned a mapping of the strengths, unique resources, and the opportunities which the island should exploit in order to increase attractiveness and tourism, nurture new enterprises, retain talent and improve the overall quality of life of local people. The work of compiling the profile started with a series of perception mapping workshops held in four different towns of the island, but it also had a strong social media component with a dedicated website and a Facebook page.

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