Perth Cultural Plan (UK)

Project Type: Local DNA Mapping

Set in the heart of Scotland, Perth is a historic town with a number of key architectural and cultural attractions. The award of the Cittaslow title and a state-of-the-art Concert Hall have recently contributed to making Perth (and Kinross) a popular destination for visiting and living. Perth is also strongly associated with Patrick Geddes, the Scottish biologist and botanist, known also as an innovative thinker in the fields of urban planning and education.

Lia Ghilardi worked with the local stakeholders of the Cultural Planning Steering Group, as well as with film-maker Juliet Rees and the urbanist and Geddesian Fergus Purdie, to develop a vision for Perth’s new identity and image. The consultancy work aimed at developing a strong framework of creative initiatives, ranging from urban-fabric improvements to the creation of workspace and incubation spaces, niche retail and specialist cultural venues, plus learning access points. The plan also worked with the notions of ‘slow’ and ‘small’ to develop a new brand for Perth (and Kinross) which connected with the legacy of polymath Patrick Geddes, as well as with ideas about sustainable urbanism, well-being and happiness.

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