Come to Esch-Sur-Alzette!

Project Type: Cohesive & Creative Cities

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Throughout 2020 we worked with the Department of Tourism and Economic Promotion in our favourite city in Luxembourg to develop a Vision for how this former industrial city could reactivate its cultural and community resources and reimagine its future as a top destination for green tourism, unique intercultural experiences, and authentic immersion in a vibrant local life.

The Vision was co-created through intense engagement with a variety of local stakeholders and community representatives, all of which were invited to brainstorm about the unique urban, cultural, social, and economic qualities of the city (unique architectural styles; urban texture; the memories related to the steel and mining industries and the stories of resistance connected to them; tolerance of diverse life styles, and welcoming of migrants; history of entrepreneurship and innovation and, last but not least, its long-standing adoption of Transition and Circular Economy principles). The document proposes a series of actions for the short, medium and long term, which have been approved by local political leaders of all persuasions, and are currently being implemented by an ad-hoc trans-departmental mechanism which is unique in Luxembourg.

During the latter part of 2020 – given the urgency created by the pandemic – a new appendix with recommendations for how to reopen the city post crisis was added to the Vision document.


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