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Kairós is an URBACT Action Planning Network, which ran from 2019 to 2022, and focused on cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable urban development and regeneration. Member cities were Mula (ES), Sibenik (HR), Ukmergé (LT), Cesena (IT), Heraklion (EL), Belene (BG) and Malbork (PO). Over two years these cities experimented with the delivery of pilot projects, each testing an integrated approach which joined five key dimensions of local development: Space, Economy, Social Accessibility, Attractiveness and Governance.

Lia was asked to contribute to the network’s activities with her expertise in organising, selecting the speakers, moderating the debate, and writing a thematic note for the 4th Thematic Workshop held online (hosted by the city of Ukmergé) on 5–6 October 2021. The theme of the Workshop was social cohesion. The task underlining the event was to show how abandoned or underused historic buildings and/or cultural heritage sites are not just a problem of neglect to be tackled, but a major opportunity for engaging communities in order to co-create alternatives that can ultimately make places more liveable, healthier, sustainable and attractive to visitors and investors alike.



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