12 Strategies for Re-Energising Your Community

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Municipalities of all sizes face questions and challenges for growth, while working to maintain the vibrancy and innovation necessary to be at the forefront of an increasingly competitive global community. Local leaders know that the choices they make today will have a lasting impact on the community of tomorrow. They are forced to make difficult decisions, balancing the need for innovation and challenging the status quo with sound, trusted policies to ensure that citizens’ needs and concerns are met. In order to best serve the community, both today and into the future, municipalities need to be creative and resourceful, considering new options and different ideas and working with citizens to find new, unique, and viable ways of addressing these issues. My article in this publication discusses the challenges and benefits of culture-led regeneration in two European cities: Turin, Essen. You can get the book at: http://www.municipalworld.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=374


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