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Since the pandemic Lia has been active in running online masterclasses, delivering keynote presentations, moderating panels and giving interviews, all offering audiences new perspectives on the benefits of culture, heritage and creativity in communities and cities alike. Below is a selection of the online events she has contributed to since 2020.

26-6-2020: For the project OPHERA-OPening cultural HERitage she spoke about activating heritage and cultural resources for sustainable places.

29-10-2020: Interviewed by Stephania Xydia on the future of cultural policies post-pandemic during the Rock Project Rock Open Knowledge Week. Full interview here.

19-11-2020: Keynote on “How can we change places through the local as focus?” at the Urban Cultural Planning Conference online from Gdansk.

16-12-2020: Memory of Water webinar on sustainable regeneration for Stockholm-based INTERCULT.

28-4-2021: Coordinator and moderator of the webinar Reimagining Culture and Creativity for Local Development for Trentino School of Management (TSM).

16-6-2021: Moderator of the webinar Arts as a Force for Social Change for INTERCULT. Video and report here.

9-7-2021: Panel speaker on post-pandemic strategies for enhancing culture and creativity in local development for the ADRION (Adriatic-Ionian ERDF Project)

29-11-2021: Moderator of webinar Culture Talks 2021 organised by Trentino School of Management (TSM).

30-9-2021: Moderator for the Cultural Access Session of the 9th Informed Cities Forum organised by ICLEI Europe.

23-11-2022: Member of the Panel of Open Doors Participatory Museums organised by Brescia Musei.

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