OECD CCIs Summer Academy (SACCI) 2022 Edition

Image forOECD CCIs Summer Academy (SACCI) 2022 Edition

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the Summer Academy (SACCI) went digital. This change continued for the editions of 2021 and 2022. As for the previous three editions, Lia Ghilardi was asked to curate  the programme, as well as facilitate and moderate all sessions of the Academy.

The impact of the pandemic on cultural institutions, organisations and on the creative industries, were unpacked during the three online editions of  SACCI, with the latest focusing on the positive effects that engagement in culture and the arts can bring to individuals and communities. Speakers’ testimonials and the presentation of inspiring case studies by participants and other local partners of the Academy, such as the Trentino School of Management, animated the debate.

The 2022 Academy included a complementary (optional) study visit in Trentino, Italy (onsite) open also to 2020-21 Summer Academy alumni who had only participated online. This allowed participants to consider real-life situations and to engage with the issues faced by cultural organisations and institutions back home.

Two reports, written by Lia Ghilardi and containing an extensive overview of the benefits and challenges of mobilizing culture and the creative industries for local development, are available on the Resources pages of this website.

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