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March 2018 saw the last and final edition of the Metropolis Laboratory – the largest Nordic gathering of engaged urbanists, artists, architects, city managers and academics. Previous editions took place in Copenhagen, Boras, and Helsinki. Organised by Trevor Davies of Metropolis and the Københavns Internationale Teater, the Lab events normally take place during three days, with presentations by world-renowned speakers, debates and events focusing on the relationship between cities and culture/s. The themes debated during the 2018 Helsinki edition included: cultural mapping and the methodology of cultural planning; citizen led initiatives in the city; activism and artivism; pop- up and performative architecture; do-it-yourself urbanism; gaming and urbanism. As well as being a keynote speaker in the 2014 edition of the Lab, Lia Ghilardi was also involved in facilitating and moderating sessions in the 2018 edition.

Changing Metropolis III (2012-2015) features  a collection of papers and articles, which include a paper and presentations by Lia Ghilardi.

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